Business Applications of Hadoop

Enterprises have data streaming in from all directions. The challenge is to take that disorganized data, manufacture it, quantify it and increase its business value by moving from historic analysis to predictive evaluation. The following use cases demonstrate how Apache Hadoop can help business turn their data fumes into business fuel. If you are searching for the value of big data it is finest start at the root of it all … the kinds of big data that can be uniquely stored and processed in Hadoop:

Social Media Data: Win clients’ hearts

Your customers are talking. With Hadoop, you can mine Twitter, Facebook and other social networks discussions for belief data about you and your competitors, and utilize it to make targeted, real-time, decisions that increase market share.

Web stream Data: Show them the way

Your web page looks excellent. But how do you move consumers on to bigger things- like submitting a kind or finishing a purchase? Get more granular with customer segmentation. Hadoop makes it easier to evaluate, envision and ultimately change how visitors behave on your site.

Server Log Data: Fortify security and compliance

Security breaches occur. And when they do, your server logs may be your best line of defense. Hadoop takes server-log evaluation to the next level by speeding and enhancing security forensics and supplying a low cost platform to reveal compliance.

Device and Sensing unit Data: Gain understanding from your devices

Your devices understand things. From out in the field to the assembly line floor– devices stream low-cost, always-on data. Hadoop makes it much easier for you to keep and fine-tune that data and recognize meaningful patterns, providing you with the understanding to make proactive business choices.

Geolocation Data: Benefit from predictive analytics

Where is everybody? Geolocation data abounds, which’s part of the difficulty. The expenses to establishment and process large quantities of data commonly outweigh the advantages. Hadoop helps in reducing data storage expenses while providing value driven intelligence from asset tracking to anticipating habits to allow optimization.
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