BlackBerry Application Development Tips

Mobile application development is surely a clamber path for both developers as well as the business monks. The prime and most important concern encountered by the developers is the decision of selecting the platform for the app development. Whether it is a skilled app developer or a beginner; this problem certainly bothers each.

Ought to you go for the most popular ‘Android’ or the most advanced ‘iOS’; options are many so your choice collects impressive value. BlackBerry 10 application development is the latest chapter in the field of mobile application development and unquestionably making impressive noise.


Reasons to Choosing BlackBerry App Development

Less Competitors in the Market

It is a clear fact that the major section of app developers is concentrating on either the iOS or Android applications and for this reason had set off a difficult competitors in between them. BlackBerry is not a lot red at the present time and thus encounters lesser competition as compare with the iOS and Android application development.The lower competition suggests that your BlackBerry app can reach more no. of users and for this reason will certainly improve up the need. With this marketing circumstance of less competitors and high need; you can sell you app at greater rate.

Large Array of Development Tools

Development devices are certainly one of the most crucial of the development procedure which decide the work ability and appeal of the application platform. Blazing a trail; BlackBerry 10 application development supplies a full wide variety of tools and technologies to select from. The developers can choose C++, C, or Java Qt for coding the applications. Icing the cake; the BlackBerry developers can even utilize the HTML5 for richer UI of the applications.


It is a sure truth in the terminology of application development that the success of the mobile application and mobile application platform relay on its basic users. Every Smartphone has the amalgam of the users who routinely go to the mobile shops and the one who rarely see what’s going on the app establishments. Most of the Blackberry gadgets are in the hands of company geeks and experts so it is an outmost probability of the BlackBerry application to be purchased as compare to other mobile platforms.

Developer’s Community Support

The Developer Community support by the BlackBerry is unquestionably the very best from the classification. Whether it is the routine updates by RIM through Twitter or the BlackBerry Jam events organized all around the globe; the developer is linked to the team of knowledgeable throughout the procedure.

Financial Support from BlackBerry

It’s rude but true that the meaning of the success focuses on the word ‘Cash’. BlackBerry is providing the appealing amount of $10,000 as ensured app earnings for every certified BlackBerry 10 application developers. This attractive deal from BlackBerry can certainly bring in the mass toward the BlackBerry 10 application development.


How to Develop?

Unlike developing iPhone apps, there are two really different methods you can establish for BlackBerry – by using the Java Development Environment (JDE) or RIM’s MDS. Which you select depends on what kind of app you’re establishing.

If you wish to create an app that will run independently of a BlackBerry option – whether that’s a BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) or BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server), a Java app will provide you a much richer experience.

If you need your app to interact with e-mail, the internet or other internet-based service, you’ll need some kind of BlackBerry back-end to help it run. For this, you’re beter off making use of MDS to establish your app.


Java-based applications

BlackBerry’s Java Development Environment (JDE) is not a mobile version of Java– far from it. RIM’s BlackBerry JDE consists of access to lots of business functions that are used for desktop and server application development, so you have more flexibility when producing and coding.

In addition to this, RIM has also consisted of a number of vital Java standards into its MDS, meanings developers can develop location-based apps with access to GPS hardware.

There is likewise the choice to consist of availability and internationalization choices, as well as multimedia utilizing the BlackBerry Media player. And if that’s inadequate, you can likewise compose apps that run in the background, as well as ones that make the most of BlackBerry’s push server.

Another cool feature of the BlackBerry MDS is that you can use it to customise your handset. For example, the current developer tools now permit you to develop animated backgrounds, brand-new icons and fonts for your BlackBerry device– it does not always need to have to do with company after all!

BlackBerry also has a growing online developer community where you can get hold of all the tools, suggestions and information you’ll ever need. In other words, you can always discover exactly what you’re trying to find within the community and, in this context, it’s an important reference device for both beginners and pros alike.

RIM includes the following BlackBerry application-development tools for developing software for smartphones:

  • Development Environment
  • MDS Studio Rapid-Application-Development tool
  • Eclipse

All the above tools, as well as documentation, sample code and support online forums, are totally free when you register to the BlackBerry developer internet site. Following registration, developers can begin downloading any part of the BlackBerry development software, which is fully supported for BlackBerry 4.0 OS onwards.

The BlackBerry JDE is the core development device for BlackBerry applications and, while it is a sizable download, users are also recommended to guarantee that they are running the latest variation of Sun’s Java SDK.

Once the JDE is downloaded, developers can work in a familiar environment, including both a full-screen editor and access to online documents.

That said, there’s no UI design device, so developers are advised to track any UI parts in their application and to use the built-in simulator to test the feel and look of their production prior to finalisation.

In addition to this, RIM also provides a whole host of sample code to obtain the imaginative juices flowing– examples include GPS and multimedia applications. Nevertheless, if you want to develop for the Storm, with its accelerometer, then you’ll need to download the latest version of JDE, which will give you complete support for the most recent gadgets that utilize BlackBerry OS 5.0.

RIM recognizes the popularity of Eclipse and this is the reason it has released its very first public beta version of an Eclipse development plug-in. The addition of the Eclipse plug-in ways that developers can build and test end-to-end Java apps from the server to the handset.

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