Big Data of Healthcare and Electronic Health Records

Data from electronic health records just in case be incorporated into randomized medical trials. Randomized medical trials have transformed medicine by offering evidence on the effectiveness and security of drugs, devices and treatments. Nevertheless, such scientific trials have four major problems like cost and intricacy, broad findings based on trial populaces that are too narrow, long delays before results are put into practice and
participant pain with randomization of the trial.

Data science holds great guarantee for patient health, however patient data is just actionable in so far as it is digital. This is where Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can be found in. By 2019, the majority of doctors will have adopted a standard EHR system, and with good factor, too. EHRs may lower outpatient care costs by 3 percent.

The convergence of big data and EHR infographic developed by UC Berkeley School of Information explores the how the growing relationship between health data and EHR adoption is transforming healthcare.

Electronic Health Records and the data of healthcare

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