Best Practices for Hiring a Contractor

Small business owners aim to accomplish the same levels of success as large businesses do, but with smaller budgets and therefore a smaller potential workforce. Often the option of hiring a full-time employee is too much of a financial risk at the early stages of business development. Hiring a contracted specialist is an easy way to get the job done, within budget.

With all of the options out there in terms of freelancers and developers who work on contract basis, finding a resource will be very easy. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing your next resource, ensuring a fair collaboration with the right software development professional.

From small to big: Just as there is a learning curve for every new employee, the same is true of contractors. Focus on having a rock solid plan of action so that you can hire appropriately. If your project requirements are fully hashed out, you can hire exactly the resources you need. Expect to leave some time in between different new hires to ensure each resource is brought up to speed on exact project requirements.

References: Thinking about how easily experiences on resumes can be manipulated or exaggerated, do your due diligence in checking references to ensure the resource is who they say they are. Making a few calls to references and checking out the reliability of those references is an obvious crucial step in hiring a contracted developer not to be overlooked. Depending on the type of business you run, background checks may also be needed.

Defined payment terms: Make it standard practice to put in writing whatever payment terms are decided upon along, with deliverables of the project (requirements, deadlines, and final objectives). Ensure thorough conversation with open communication, this is where you and the contractor ensure both parties are on the same page.

Interact properly: Treat contractors as you would if they were part of your internal team. Keep in contact with them daily to ensure timely progress throughout the project lifespan. Creating a strong relationship with contractors by communicating frequently and clearly will equate to project deliverables that best bring forth your project’s objectives.

Request for input: Professional developers have the advantage of dealing with a number of different businesses, and each successful project adds to their arsenal of experience. Always ensure you get a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed before you request any input on best practices for your project before starting.

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