Benefits of Java for Mobile Application Development

As all of us understand that for every single application, it has to go through the development process before it can be launched to the market, every developer has to place the various codes which allow the application to work. These codes are written in different languages by developers. Java is one of such language utilized to write the codes. In spite of being a language it also provide user a platform that they can use to compose on. Java is mostly being used by application developers who are targeting Android market or the Android platform.

Reasons to think about Java in mobile development

Java increases security because both the platform and the Java language were developed from the primary day with the issue of security at hand. The platform allows users to obtain codes from the internet and later on run them on Java without infecting the host system with any threats such as virus or malwares. Also you can not write files from the disk drive on Java, making it extremely protect for use in mobile application development. Java can be kept up limited permission thus will not hurt your computer system. Through the different audits carried out by security experts Java has actually been inspected and its security is guaranteed.

It make development simple in that developers can compose the application once in Java platform and run it in any other platform that supports Java. Recently Java is being integrated in almost all operating systems and popular web browser making it offered for use by many computer systems on the planet. It is further being incorporated in consumer electronics such as mobile phone, tv, Personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Set-top boxes. For that reason application developed in Java can be made use of with various electronic devices.

Java is developed to be network centred. The developers developed it in such a way that user can work with resources throughout the different networks. These features make it possible to produce network-based applications using client server architecture from Java.

It provide developers time to market and at the same time providing a reliable language to use. It provides quick result as its basic language with intuitive set of APIs and its well designed. Efficiency is also helped with by fewer bugs compared with other platforms, which lowers the development process making it faster to market your application.

Java is vibrant and extensible platform. The codes are organized in units called classes which are stored in different files and packed to Java interpreter just when needed. The application can for that reason choose what classes it need and ultimately load them to finish a certain function. This reveals that Java applications can extend themselves by loading new classes over a network making application made with Java an interacting collection of independent software components.

Although Java is a portable analyzed language it runs much faster much like Native machine languages such as C++. The portability nature and the increased performance with the release of Java 1.2 make the language fantastic for use in mobile application development.

Java utilizes 16-bit Unicode representing ideographic characters and phonetic alphabets set for the entire world. This differs other languages which use 8-bit character representing English and Western Europe languages. Hence Java is a language which can be used internationally for mobile application development.


Having all the advantage noted above, there is no reason that you should not use Java for your mobile application development. As a developer you should put in consideration the target market, if it’s the world then Java could be your best alternative. Try using it and wait for quick outcomes.

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