Asset Performance Management Establishes a Roadmap to Operational Excellence and Safety

The foundation of asset performance management is asset strategy development– identifying the proactive actions to be taken for the sustainable, dependable, and safe operation of manufacturing properties. Asset Performance Management offers a special mix of rigor, speed, and risk-sensitivity to establish a cohesive strategy across a whole devices base and standardize the procedure throughout numerous company sites. Strategy development uses formal work recognition methods to identify the activities needed to satisfy asset performance objectives within the asset’s current operating context.



Asset Prioritization— Rank possessions by failure consequence and relative danger at the system level; focus on properties for strategy development.
Strategy Selector— Identify the right strategy development methodology to utilize for an asset based upon risk.
Reliability centered Maintenance — The leading RCM methodology used to figure out the maintenance requirements of a physical asset in its operating context. JA-1011 and JA-1012 compliant.
Maintenance Job Analysis — Bentley’s FMEA methodology to determine failure modes and reliability action plans based on existing operations and maintenance expertise. Use of templates and smart copy leading to faster time to carry out and recognize advantages.
Present Practices Evaluation— A baseline review practice to swiftly automate existing inspection programs forming the basis for consistent, qualitative, and quantitative mobile assessment paths for immediate gains.
Risk-based Evaluations— Specialized methodology to preserve mechanical integrity of pressurized equipment and decrease the risk of loss of containment due to degeneration. Develop a danger prioritized examination process enabled by Asset Performance Management assessment data.
APM Cloud— Online user neighborhood to share reliability program design templates.



  • Remove unexpected downtime.
  • Meet security, quality, and functional targets.
  • Support regulatory compliance.
  • Guarantee your reliability enhancement focus is on the properties presenting the greatest danger to your business.
  • Provide fastest results with best mix of work recognition practices.
  • Capture knowledge and experience of operators, maintainers, and engineers.
  • Ensure consistency across numerous sites in your enterprise with design templates and unique smart copy.

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