Application Performance Management Tools – Part 4

Some Application Performance Management solutions have actually risen to satisfy the needs of enterprise, with full-stack visibility filled with diagnostics and actionable recommendations based upon sophisticated data analysis.

eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise supplies an integrated web-based user interface for monitoring more than 150 common applications. With both passive and active monitoring approaches and imitating client access to each application occasionally, it supplies an impartial external viewpoint on application performance.

Main Features

  • Supports a variety of interfaces
  • Monitoring interface selected based upon depth of metrics and overheads
  • Supports both agent-based and agentless application monitoring
  • Real-time status of all apps in a single dashboard


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An enterprise-grade, open-source monitoring system to monitor networks and all related network resources, Incinga generates performance data and informs you of mistakes and recoveries. It’s scalable and extensible, and with the ability of monitoring big, complex environments throughout varied locations.

Main Features

  • Modular architecture with standalone core, UI and database
  • REST and plug-in APIs
  • Integrated reporting, graphing, business process views and more
  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL & Oracle
  • Makes it possible for dispersed systems for redundant monitoring
  • Avagi-based web user interface
  • Constant, active development


Cost: FREE


op5 Monitor

An open, flexible server monitoring solution, op5 Monitor helps you take control over your IT from the basement servers to the hybrid cloud. op5 Monitor provides a single, unified view of your whole network facilities for better data analysis, more effective issue resolution, and much better performance for end users.

Main Features

  • Meets hybridization challenges
  • Instinctive user interface and reports
  • Screens servers, availability and performance
  • Unified view
  • Screen virtual resources and infrastructures
  • Public, personal or hybrid cloud monitoring
  • Flexible and scalable to grow with your enterprise



  • op5 Free: FREE (20 devices).
  • op5 Pro: Contact for a quote (500 devices).
  • op5 Ent+: Contact for a quote (10s of thousands of devices)



CopperEgg offers continuous, real-time monitoring covering all your servers and devices. Turn normally siloed data into a thorough view of enterprise performance, associating application performance to business results and identifying crucial relationships that enable you to deliver better service and produce much better results.

Main Features

  • Server monitoring.
  • Genuine user experience monitoring.
  • Websites and applications.
  • Integrate with third-party tools.
  • Application and infrastructure behavior.
  • Instinctive dashboards.
  • Easy to scale and deploy.



  • Server Monitoring.
  • $20/Pro Server Monitor.
  • $10/Standard Server Monitor.
  • Genuine User Monitoring: $5/web application.



Driven, developed for the Cascading development platform, provides deep understandings into your applications. Picture your data application, identify application failures, and enhance performance from a single platform created for developers– in fact, it’s free for developers’ use.

Main Features

  • For use with Cascading.
  • Detect application performance immediately.
  • Handle and keep an eye on all your data applications.
  • Self-hosted or cloud-hosted.
  • Team collaboration (Driven All Features version).
  • Track all applications (Driven All Features version).



  • Driven Core Features: FREE for developers.
  • Driven All Features: FREE for developers.
  • Driven Self-Host: Contact for a quote.



View your servers, apps, cloud and group all in a single view from an user-friendly dashboard. It’s developed for teams who compose and run applications at scale, and require or want to turn the massive quantities of data produced by their applications, tools and services into functional information and actionable insights.

Main Features

  • Build real-time interactive dashboards.
  • View charts throughout sources in real-time.
  • Slice data by any tag, such as host or device.
  • Easily personalize views in code or interactively.
  • Supports full-text structured search.
  • Associate data and identify origin.
  • Overlay metrics and conferences throughout disparate sources.
  • Full API gain access to.
  • Write your very own integrations.
  • Get signals on any metric.
  • Functions with your existing facilities.



  • FREE (Up to 5 hosts).
  • Requirement: $15/host/month (Up to 100 hosts).
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote (100+ hosts).



A total monitoring solution that helps you comprehend how all your sources of data are impacting your business at every level of the stack, Librato is a scalable and flexible platform “or time series data analytics, consequently turning a complex issue into an easy to use service.” Librato is a turn-key solution for the Heroku development platform.

Main Features

  • Per-dyno runtime metrics.
  • Submit custom metrics.
  • Simple, user-friendly logging format.
  • Postgres metrics.
  • Router metrics.
  • Interactive app performance dashboards.
  • Agent-less.

Cost: Contact for a quote.



Aternity closes the exposure space between application performance and the real user experience. Rather than concentrate on a single web application at a time from the data center’s point of view, Aternity approaches it from the end user’s point of view, considering the user experience with every app from every device.

Main Features

  • Specify business activities within context.
  • No programming needed.
  • Extends throughout a broad variety of app technologies.
  • Thick client, web-based, Rich Internet, Java, etc
  • . Monitoring for physical, virtual and mobile devices.
  • Display patterns in relation to thresholds.
  • View response times for all kept track of business activities.
  • Color-coded compliance limits for instinctive visual views.
  • Compliance by department and geographic region.
  • Remote Display Dashboard for remote display screen latency.
  • Desktop Health Dashboard for conferences impacting end user devices.


Cost: Contact for a quote.



With Ruxit’s basic deployment (only one single agent essential on host side) and its auto discovery includes you get a comprehensive understanding of your environment and your user experience within minutes. The ruxit dashboard sets new requirements in UI design and gives you full control over your performance metrics. With Ruxit’s easy on demand prices design, it fits completely for cloud natives.

Main Features

  • Application monitoring including code level visibility.
  • Database Monitoring.
  • Server Monitoring.
  • Datacenter/ Virtualization monitoring.
  • Network Monitoring.
  • Real User (Browser) Monitoring.
  • Availability Monitoring.
  • Source Analysis when performance issues take place.
  • Alerts about issues.



  • Free trial for 1,000 host hours and 50,000 gos to.
  • Then 0.15 USD per host per hour and 0.15 USD per 1,000 check outs.
  • Enterprise: kindly contact ruxit sales for a quote.


Important Application Monitoring

Production software is a black box. Instrumental helps you look inside that box. It was built from the ground up to support custom application, facilities, and performance monitoring. It assists you gather, change, and envision metrics throughout your whole infrastructure to answer critical development and business concerns. This level of monitoring requires more than a standard out-of-the-box agent and uptime monitoring. Your software is custom, your test suite is custom, and your monitoring needs to be custom.

Main Features

  • Optimized for custom monitoring with one-line monitoring.
  • Real-time data updates with one-minute graph resolution.
  • User interface created for data exploration, not just dashboard display screens.
  • Server-monitoring representative with five-minute setup.
  • Advanced query mathematics consisting of derivatives and integrals.
  • Track deploys and application changes with custom occasion overlays.


Cost: Based on metrics, not servers or volume. Begins at $150/mo.

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