5 Reasons Retailers Replace their Retail Management System

Why change, that is familiar? Why pay up for something totally brand-new when an upgrade is – on paper – more economical? Why move away from a long-lasting supplier relationship?

There are lot of reasons. Below are the leading 5 feedbacks we hear when we ask, Whats driving you to change your existing system?

1) Improve useability and adoption: For numerous offices, the system that finest matched their useful requirements ended up being too challenging to make use of. In an environment where employee turnover is high, bad use can make it really tough to obtain brand-new staff members up-to-speed. Without a doubt the most significant difficulty we learn through purchasers is that their existing system is non-intuitive; they are searching for a brand-new system and their main requirement is ease-of-use.

2) New store development: Its a huge leap to go from handling one store to handling 2, 5 10, one hundred or even more This difficulty is particularly hard if a seller prepares to manage their stock and accounting for several establishments in one single POS software or stock management system. Typically the easy, single-store system that was simple to obtain going is grossly inadequate for quick brand-new store development.

3) Poor technological support: Often, purchasers pertain to us when theyve gotten too annoyed with the bad support they are receiving from their existing supplier. Either the supplier was a one-man store that couldnt maintain, or the supplier lost its individual touch as it grew too huge, too quick. This catalyst for modification ares more effective when inadequate service is incorporated with boosts in support charges.

4) Integrating Multiple Channels: Lots of sellers are relocating to support several networks – retail establishments, e-commerce sites, mail-order brochures As they present brand-new networks they commonly carry out different, redundant software systems – one for each stations. We talk with a great deal of purchasers that are now searching for a brand-new, all-in-one system for multi-channel selling.

5) Hardware failure: Numerous merchants have actually been on the exact same system for a years or even more. They might have stayed patient with an old, DOS-based system, however their hardware ultimately offered. An upgrade to brand-new hardware provides a rational chance to bring their software up to existing requirements. Much of the time, they cant even set up an outdated system on brand-new hardware and are required to transfer to new-generation software.


We have actually analyzed numerous reasons for changing existing systems, however these are the most common. They likewise provide an excellent lesson for new retail companies that wish to invest ahead of fast development. Think about these challenges and purchase a retail management system that will support your growth strategies.

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